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Gardiner Nielsen Associates Inc. provides consulting services to companies and organizations pursuing improved customer relationships, employee involvement and performance.  We specialize in the implementation of Lean Enterprise methodologies, including Deployment Planning, A3 Thinking, 5S Basic Disciplines, Quick Setup Change, Flow Process, and Visual Control. 

We also provide computer simulation, and other engineering and project management services to a wide variety of enterprises.

Senior Consultant

Anders Nielsen, MA, P. Eng.,  has held senior management positions in engineering, consulting and manufacturing companies.  He has studied 5S and lean methods with some of the Japanese masters of flow production.  He has provided consulting services in all parts of the NAFTA region.  Clients include Fortune 500 companies, automotive parts companies supplying both domestic car companies, and the Japanese Transplants, and a variety of other manufacturers, from small family owned ventures to large publicly traded corporations.  He has also provided training, through universities, technical colleges, industry associations, and supplier improvement initiatives.  Anders is especially well known for his 5S programs and setup reduction skills. Read his setup reduction blog at

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24-107 Atkins Rd., Salt Spring Island, BC, CANADA, V8K 2X6
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